About us

Kreamics association is a nonprofit social initiative entity that develops activities in the field of social action.


Kreamics  came into being because of the necessity to matching up all burn patients, their dependents and friends in Catalonia, to contribute in supporting , to give information and rehabilitate members and patients who demand help during acute phase.


We aim to be a collective of friends that help to cope with difficult situations together in a positive way. We want to resolve different doubts and  impediments  that patients or families can find, in order to make it easier for socialization and return to their normal life.


Suffering severe burns is one of the worst experiences. Not only for the important physical damages associated with but also for the important psyco-social related to these injuries.


Our goals are:

  • Helping and supporting with non-health aspects of affected patients and family during acute phase; provide comprehensive and holistic upholder in front of several questions appeared that professionals cannot give with the same proximity or empathy that patients who have lived similar situations.
  • Interchanging information, opinions and experiences between burn patients about new treatments obtained by development technologies and research.
  • Offering information about prevention, immediate attention in case of accident and orientation in getting proper health assistance.
  • Ensuring to get a better quality of life, their acceptance and promote social integration.
  • To be in contact with other states and European associations of burn patients to share and improve knowledge in the holistic treatment of people affected by these types of injuries.